How to Start a Class

How to Start a Class

Start with Prayer

Talk to others you think might be interested in starting a class and begin to pray for guidance, for the future leaders of the class and for others to respond to the opportunity. As things develop, begin to pray about a place for the class to meet and for clear direction on when to begin.



A new class needs leadership. Ideally this would include the Teaching Leader, Assistant Teaching Leader, Administrator, and a discussion leader for about every 15 people you expect to attend. The leadership should be willing to serve for a minimum of one year and preferably for three years.

The leadership of a EBS class is asked to submit an application for leadership. These may be downloaded from this website or they may be found in our leaders manual.


A significant factor in the success of the class is the host church. Factors to consider in selecting a host church include: Location, is it convenient and easy to get in and out? Does it have adequate parking, classrooms and a meeting rooms? Does the pastor and staff enthusiastically support having a class? Does your best time for having the class conflict with existing church programs? Is a similar class in the same community--perhaps a new class would be best some distance away.

Meeting Day and Time

What day is best for a class to meet? Day classes most commonly meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays in that order. Obviously, there are many exceptions. Evening classes typically meet on Mondays, Thursdays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays in that order. Day classes are usually all women. Increasingly our evening classes are mixed classes with single sex discussion groups. Mens' classes are typically evening classes with many examples of women's classes also meeting in the evening.

Choice of Course

In this type of Bible Study there is no wrong place to start--but some courses are perhaps better starting places then others. Of our 30 week courses, John, Genesis and Hebrews and 1 Peter are suggested for new classes. We also have short courses which groups may select when starting with a shorter time commitment or when starting in the mid year. These are listed under the Discipleship Series in the EBS store.

Ordering Materials

Call us before ordering any courses, 615-446-7316. If you are starting a traditional EBS class--you will not be paying in advance for your books. The class members will be registering for the course and they are asked to pay for the books at the time of registration. You will also receive free shipping and all the support materials for running the class come to you free of charge.

We also permit groups, churches and classes to order our materials for their own programs. These classes are usually part of an internal church program and not designed as a community based class. These "in-church" classes pay for all materials and shipping and typically the church covers the cost for the class. 

Promote Your Class.

Talk up the class. Have everyone you expect to join iinvite others to the first class. Make it a fellowship time with food in a non threatening environment. Many classes plan "coffees" before the start of class. These are typically in a home with a manageable size group invited. Consider trying several of these to introduce this type of study to people who are unfamiliar with the approach. Tell them how it works, what makes it different and if you have people who have done this type of study have them give a brief testimony on how it impacted them and why they are interested in being part of the class.

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