Join a discussion group anywhere there is internet


The availability of a class is no longer an issue. Travel to a class is no longer an issue. We now can bring the class to you.

iStudy utilizes technology to make EBS classes possible without the limiting factors of geography or available leadership. Students follow the same Bible study method as a traditional EBS class except that their discussion group meets online and the lecture is downloadable in video or audio format. Discussion groups are organized around a specific meeting time and may include individuals in various timezones or countries. For information go to

iStudy is currently studying 1 John and preregistering people for our new Romans study which begins this September. For information click the link above.

The lessons in iStudy are fillable PDF's which may be used on a variety of devices connected to the internet including: personal computers, ipads, pad style devices, even smart phones. This gives the student the opportunity to type their answers onto the lession and utiliize search features of the internet to enhance their study.