To bring individuals closer to God through in-depth study of the Bible, understanding God through the reading of His revelation of Himself in the Bible, and coming to know His Son Jesus Christ in all His fullness through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • To help encourage individuals to establish a pattern of daily Bible study and to make the Bible a living and interesting book for those involved in its study.
  • To make Bible study relevant to daily life through the power of the Holy Spirit and to make God’s promises effective in each student’s personal experiences.
  • To equip and motivate individuals to contribute more effectively to the life and work of their individual churches, supporting them faithfully in prayer, stewardship, and service.
  • To help individuals make a greater impact for Christ in their families and community, communicating to others what they have learned and received, being alert to opportunities to affect others for good, and serving in the Kingdom of God.