Our Approach

Our Approach to Bible Study

Some imagine that the Bible is a dry, boring book written centuries ago for people and situations far removed or a bewildering mystery that can have no bearing on our daily living. Nothing could be further from the truth. Its pages hold the answers to all of life’s questions for this and every other generation in history. It is, in a very real sense, a living book.

Explorer’s Bible Study is committed to helping individuals discover God’s Word - to search out its great truths and treasures for themselves.To accomplish this we have a commitment to Scripture as the final authoritative Word of God. Our desire is to provide a tool that encourages a disciplined, systematic approach to Bible study - one that relies on the Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten us as we read and study Scripture.

We recommend a contextual approach to study. Each passage is examined by looking at the context of the scripture, taking into account the historical and cultural facts that can illuminate the truths of God’s Word. Topical Bible studies often pick and choose small portions of scripture to teach a particular truth. While this study method can be useful, Explorer’s believe that only by reading and studying the Bible within the broad context of the chapter and book, can the true meaning be fully understood and accurately applied to our lives.