Small Group/Individual Curriculum

Small Groups

Explorer's Bible Study can easily be used in small groups. Students work through the passage during the week and then come together to discuss the answers they found to the questions in the workbook. The group serves as an incentive to be in the word during the week so that they can participate in the discussion of the passage. A discussion leader can ask the questions and keep the group on task, they can prepare a short lecture on the passage or use a video lecture we have available.

Any of our adult lessons can work for this approach but to get started you might consider one from our Discipleship Series as they are shorter and may appeal to new people since there is not a long commitment.

We have leadership manuals for anyone interested in pursuing Explorer's for a small group.


All of our studies are appropriate for individual use. Of course, there is much more to be gained by studying in fellowship with others, but we recognize that this is not always possible. We are working to include a free study on this website. Hopefully, this will be available shortly.

A good study to start with is James. It's short, practical and inexpensive. Another favorite would be the Gospel of John or the Hebrews and 1 Peter study.